Eyepartner, Inc. releases White-Labeled HD Wave Broadcaster for OEMs

MARATHON, FL, May 18, 2011 – There is an overwhelming demand from consumers for High Definition video content. Satisfying this demand has been a challenge for broadcasting media professionals as well as corporate businesses in the IPTV and Over-The-Top (OTT) markets.

Eyepartner, Inc., a leading provider of turnkey IPTV solutions, announces the launch of The HD Wave v2, a real-time H.264 HD broadcast encoding software. Using patent pending transfer technology, this broadcaster greatly reduces the required bitrates to deliver stunning HD from the broadcaster to their audience. Now media professionals may broadcast a 720p feed at only 1.0Mbps or in 1080p at just 2.5Mbps. The HD Wave will broadcast in various formats at bitrates, up to 1920×1080 at 60fps.

“Now anyone with an HD camera can broadcast LIVE quickly and easily,” said Tim Green, President of Eyepartner, during a company-wide broadcast announcing the launch. “The expensive days of HD Broadcasting are over!” Eyepartner hosts a daily broadcast from their offices using a $40 HD webcam connected to a low cost ($500) quad-core PC with The HD Wave software installed, which retails for only $299. As you can see, this inexpensive HD broadcasting solution is great for those who wish to go live from multiple locations while keeping production costs down.

The HD Wave may be private or “white-labeled” to an OEM’s brand. Manufacturers of video capture devices, PCs, switches and broadcasting hardware will now be able to package HD broadcasting as a new add-on feature or it can be purchased through virtual white-label storefronts. The checkout process is simple and the installer can be downloaded directly from the virtual store. Many of these OEM distributors will choose to ship their products with the HDWave branded and pre-installed on their hardware.

About Eyepartner:

Eyepartner is a privately-held company based in Marathon, Florida and has been developing and implementing reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to clients worldwide. Eyepartner is a streaming media software development company as well as a rich media hosting and CDN provider. Established in 2007, Eyepartner, Inc.
delivers turn-key and custom social broadcasting solutions, entertainment portals and has delivered enterprise, education, advertising and government solutions. For more information, including co-branding OEM opportunities, please contact us at www.eyepartner.com/contact or call: 305.289.4557.

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