How HD Wave Works

1Create a Broadcaster Account
and a Channel

TikiLIVE is our flagship HD broadcasting service which provides its users
with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD
streaming content.

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2Download and Install The HD Wave

Start streaming your HD content today! The HD Wave Broadcaster is perfect for
broadcasting live events for a wide range of businesses including,
but not limited to, iPTV, motivational, spiritual, entertainment, engineering,
medical and many more.

  »  Download HD Wave here! (Free Account Required)

3Plug in a HD Camera

The HD Wave does require a modern PC running Window7 Operating System.
If you are capturing the desktop you will need to have a machine that is at least
as powerful as the examples given below for the 1080p and 720p broadcasts.

  »  Hardware Specs.

4Run The HD Wave Broadcaster

Log In, pick your channel, select your video and audio source, set your bit rate
and encoding.

  »  Check the Manual here!


Stream LIVE events such as game tournaments, IPTV stations, world premier
movies, live concerts, faith based services or corporate events to anyone
in the world. The HD Wave can be integrated to stream through IPTV networks
such as TikiLIVE, Justin.TV, Livestream or CDN’s through an RTMP protocol.

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