• Create a TikiLIVE Broadcaster Account and a Channel
  • Download and Install The HD Wave Broadcaster
  • Plug in a HD Camera
  • Run The HD Wave Broadcaster
  • Broadcast!
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    HD Broadcasting from Desktop

    The HD Wave enables our users to instantly stream any part of their desktop in either Standard or High Definition!


    Affordable Live Event Streaming

    Stream LIVE events such as game tournaments, IPTV stations, world premier movies, live concerts, faith based services or corporate events to anyone in the world.


    Stream to an IPTV Network

    The HD Wave can be integrated to stream through IPTV networks such as TikiLIVE, Justin.TV, Livestream or CDN's through an RTMP protocol.

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    Pay-per-view custom solutions

    Monetizing LIVE and VOD events has been made easy. You simply set the ticket price, plug in your video and audio source and start broadcasting.


    Stream any Application

    Snap to a specific zone within your desktop and stream that specific video or audio source. Sharing Video, PowerPoint Presentations or Web Pages has never been so easy!


    Stream to any Device

    Stream to both HTML5 and Flash based players simultaneously. Your Device will dynamically choose whichever player it is compatible with.

Introducing The HD Wave

Start streaming your HD content today! The HD Wave Broadcaster is perfect for broadcasting live events for a wide range of businesses including, but not limited to, iPTV, motivational, spiritual, entertainment, engineering, medical and many more. The HD Wave requires nothing more than an off-the-shelf computer and video source or camera. The software is user-friendly and makes Live Streaming accessible to businesses.

You do not need to invest in expensive proprietary broadcasting solutions when you choose The HD Wave. Start broadcasting in True HD today but clicking the links above.

Download HD Wave here!

Say Hello to HD Wave Deskshare

The HD Wave Deskshare with this feature you will be able to use multiple video audio captures, on the fly switching of media sources including full desktop, the ability to use picture and picture.

Using picture and picture, you have the ability to make your screen as big or small as you want.

Share your entire desktop or snap to a specific zone and stream only a portion. Sharing video, PowerPoint presentations or web pages has never been so easy.

Download HD Wave Deskshare here!